• This is a First Year Membership (must not have previously been a member in last 5 years), for all residing in same household.

Tier 1

  • An individual adult

Tier 2

  • An adult plus 1 individual

Tier 3

  • An adult plus 2 or more individuals. An adult is 18 years of age or older. An adult is considered a parent or legal guardian. All memberships are considered household memberships. All individuals must reside in the same household.

All prices include Ohio taxes

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For information concerning membership into Crestwood Swim Club, contact our Manager at (937) 293-6642 (seasonal) or send us an e-mail (year round) at Crestwood Swim Club currently has no initiation fee and no stock to own. When you compare that to other local clubs that have fee’s over $500.00 it makes Crestwood Swim Club an even better value. Prices below include taxes.

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Note: All memberships are considered household memberships” and “An Adult is considered a Parent or Legal Guardian” for Tier II and Tier III. We offer a 5% discount to Seniors (65 yr. +) and to Active Military, based on their level of membership. Not valid with any other discount or promotion