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TRIAL – $277.78

TIER 1 – $182.33 – An individual adult.

TIER 2 – $252.04 – An adult plus 1 individual.

TIER 3 – $417.20 – An adult plus 2 or more individuals.

Coach Kevin Menke

Coach Kevin Menke – is continuing at Crestwood for his third year as a Coach. He has been a member at Crestwood Swim Club for over 13 years. He has swam on our swim team for 10 years; with Fairmont High School for 4 years; and with KEY Swimming for over 6 years. He has been the Head Age Group Coach at the South YMCA and a Coach with Crestwood Swim Club since 2014. He is currently a senior at Wright State University, where he expects to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in December of 2016. Coach Kevin credits Crestwood for developing his love of swimming and hopes to pass that on to the swimmers he coaches.